Shaklee’s Garlic Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Shaklee's Garlic Helps Lower Blood PressureGarlic History

Garlic grows in almost every part of the world, in all different temperatures and climates.

It does not grow from a seed but a clove, If you plant an individual clove you will have a harvest of this herb.

The first appearance of this herb in history dates back over 6,000 years.

Hippocrates lived from 460 until 370 B.C.

He founded a phenomenal medical school on the Aegean island of Kos.

He said it is good for “increasing the flow of urine” (diuretic),  “relaxing the stomach” (digestive aid) and “aiding a cough.”

Garlic has a strong reputation for fighting bacteria like throat and ear infections, upset stomachs, bronchitis, infected wounds and sinus problems.

Also it  is know for outperforming antibiotics in standard culture dish test.

Also with it’s powerful anti bacterial properties bacteria is not able to develop resistance to garlic.

That means you can take it every day without worrying about taking often and bacteria building up a tolerance for it. (Like antibiotics.)

How Does It Work

It  has in it a sulfur-containing compound called allicin and it interferes with bacterial enzymes necessary for the bacteria to survive.

It  also helps get rid of Candida yeast infection.

It is now the number one natural way to fight Candida there are no side effects with this herb.

Garlic also helps lower cholesterol and also helps lower blood pressure.

Garlic Supplements

Obviously raw fresh garlic is the best and cheapest way to consume this amazing product.

Eating enough garlic every day to get garlics benefits may not be easy some people just don’t like the strong taste.

For some garlic can cause a temporary sensation of nausea.

And for some just the odor of garlic on the breath can lead to a loss of friends.

Supplements are the easiest way to consume garlic everyday.

The Five Ways Garlic Supplements Are Made:

Crushed  Garlic

The raw material is crushed and dried and the allicin is formed.

After that it is dried by heat.

This type has an odor and may cause an unpleasant aftertaste.

Conventional High-Heat

The raw garlic is dried for 24 to 30 hours under high heat.

Resulting in a 35 percent loss of allicin.

You still have strong odor and you lose some of the  anti-infective properties.

Freeze Dried Powder

As in the high heat method freeze dried powder is produced the allicin is reduced the product still has a strong odor.

This is an expensive way to make garlic but you maintain more of garlic’s anti-infective properties.

Cool-Dried Garlic

A quick cool-dry process is used to make garlic supplements.

Then the product is cool-dried for 30 minutes.

This results in a dry powder with all the original allicin of the clove of fresh garlic.

The allicin is converted when the product is dissolved or digested.

This is good news indeed.

Since the allicin is created during digestion, there is no after-odor and no enteric coating of the preparation is needed.

This avoids a lot of production problems which can alter the contents or absorption of the final product.

Shaklee’s garlic supplement is easy on the stomach, and the potency is very close to raw garlic.

The final product contains 100% of the allicin, vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients.

Shaklee Is My Choice For Garlic Supplements

This is the best choice it has all the original compounds found in nature with no side effects of  bad breath.

This is how Shaklee corporation makes their Garlic Supplements and all the supplements Shaklee makes retain all the life force found in nature.

Shaklee’ Garlic Testimonial 

I was concerned when my blood pressure was moving into the “high” range.

I didn’t want to take medicine.

So I increased my Garlic to 9 per day.

My blood pressure is normal again and it stay’s normal!   Bo Coburn.

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