Digestive Enzyme Support With EZ-Gest

What Are Digestive EnzymeDigestive Enzyme Support With EZ-Gest

According to WikiPedia Digestive Enzymes are:

Digestive enzymes are enzymes that break down polymeric macromolecules into their smaller building blocks, in order to facilitate their absorption by the body.

Your stomach is filled with acid to break down the food you eat. When the acid of the stomach is at it’s best the ph is at a level of one, If you put a nail in the acid of your stomach it would dissolve within 36 to 48 hours.

When you suffer from acid reflux also know as heart burn the contents of your stomach can back up into the esophagus.

Acid Reflux usually comes with a burning sensation in the throat and stomach and can cause bloating, gas and heart burn.

Some doctors prescribe medications and restrictive eating of things like oranges, tomatoes, coffee, tea or any food high in acid.

Drugs are toxic to the body and neutralizing the acid in your stomach weakens the stomach’s ability to digest properly.

One Doctor’s Explanation of Acid Reflux

Usually, people with this level of gastric distress have a long
history of late night eating, high stress lifestyle and poor food choices.

The muscle at the top of the stomach which keeps food and stomach acid from entering the esophagus (cardiac sphincter) has been stretched and does not regain its function.

By the time we turn 30 our body’s start producing less digestive enzyme than it used to.

Shaklee’s EZ-Gest is a natural plant based digestive enzyme supplement that is designed to help you digest the food you eat, it also helps lactose intolerant, and helps you digest the problem foods like beans and broccoli, without the gas or bloating.

Digestive upsets can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

They can also limit your food choices unnecessarily.

Unlike popular single-function digestive aids.

Shaklee’s EZ-Gest has complex multiple enzymes that offer comprehensive digestive enzyme support.

Also Shaklee’s Soothing Stomach Complex can help with upset stomach.

It contains a complex combination of ginger and peppermint oil that helps sooth the stomach, and also helps with morning sickness in women or motion sickness.

Ginger was shown to be as effective as Dramamine in curing seasickness.

I took Shaklee’s Soothing Stomach Complex and for four hours didn’t get seasick as I normally do.

And I am taking Shaklee’s EZ-Gest after being diagnosed with acid reflux instead of drugs and I really like the way it helps me digest food. Allen Partch

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