Resveratrol and Anti-Aging

Anti Aging Supplement and the French Paradox

It’s impossible to stop the aging process but you can delay this process with a good anti aging supplement and that’s what resveratrol and the secrets to longevity are all about, it helps explain the French Paradox, that the French people eat four times as much butter fat than Americans and twice as much fat from animal protein mainly pork products but only have one half the heart disease that we do.

It ‘s whats in red wine and it’s health benefits( mainly resveratrol) that explains this paradox.

Anti Aging Doctor and Resveratrol

According to David Sinclair a leading scientist in the anti aging field and his test on mice which he says have the same DNA makeup as humans resveratrol supplements can.

  • Increase longevity
  • Increase mitochondria and exercise endurance
  • Help you resist weight gain
  • Protect the heart
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Impede cancer cell growth

Anti Aging Advice 8 healthy anti aging lifestyle tips.

The Supplement Industry

As of today the resveratrol supplements industry is made up of many different manufacturers.

Go online and you may become confused by the hundreds of different claims and assertions with little documentation about purity, testing for purity of ingredients different test to determine if pesticides are present or heavy metals like lead are in the raw material.

Check Out Product Quality

Unless you can obtain this information from well-designed human research studies or prove the quality through peer reviewed studies it is buyer beware at this stage in the resveratrol search for a good anti aging supplement.

Where should you buy Resveratrol supplements?

Is Product Quality Important

Quality is number 1 in finding a supplement, can you go to a warehouse type store and get the same quality as a scientific nutritional company.

Look at the picture of the rats on the right, one was fed regular eggs and the other egg beaters a synthetic egg product can you guess which one was fed the synthetic egg beaters.

How To Find a Source of Resveratrol

So to find a good source of resveratrol can be a daunting task, as with any new health product as soon as one is discovered then many new company’s come out with their version of a supplement so it is a good idea to go with a company with plenty of experience in the health and wellness industry quality is the most important in any supplement you take so to get all of resveratrol benefits get with a company with plenty experience in the health and wellness industry.

Why Quality Control is Important

Processing of resveratrol, one of the most sensitive polyphenols, can lead to exposure to oxygen, which causes rapid oxidation and loss of biological function.

Why it is Important to Shop Around for a Good Quality Product

Most products on the market are only 50% pure which leaves behind emodim which is known to be a natural laxative.

Those who take resveratrol supplements that are not highly purified can develop loose stools.

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