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Who Needs This Product?

Liqui-Lea® Plus Iron is a high-potency multivitamin plus iron dietary supplement for those who prefer a liquid multivitamin.

What Shaklee’s Liquid Lea Plus Iron Has Done For Others…

I don’t believe in “miracle supplements”.

I’ve always felt that good physical and mental health is a result of good nutrition, exercise, and a relationship with our Creator.*

So when I began taking these vitamins, I didn’t hold my breath for special magical physical changes.

I wasn’t disappointed, because there weren’t any immediately stunning results. I had been experiencing fatigue and tiredness but I did not (and do not) expect a dietary supplement to cure the effects of not getting enough sleep every night.

However, after about a week of taking this vitamin, I realised that I was feeling unusually perky, chipper, and awake.

I had more energy and thought to myself, “Wow! I’ve felt great these past few days… what have I been doing differently?”

I hadn’t been exercising.

I hadn’t been eating differently.

I hadn’t been drinking more water. (All of those things are on my list of changes to make… but one thing at a time!) I hadn’t even been getting more sleep.

I realised that the main thing I was doing “differenly” from the past, was that I was taking Shaklee Liquid Lea Plus Iron every  morning!

I am more than satisfied with this multi-vitamin.

I’m delighted to have found a good-quality multi-vitamin that doesn’t contain artificial colors or impossible-to-absorb nutrients.

I am definitely going to continue taking this product!  Tammy

Shaklee’s Liquid Lea Plus Iron Ingredients and Benefits:

• Contains 10 essential vitamins plus iron to promote long-term good health
• Natural fruit flavor
• Vegetarian formula


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