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Herbal Relief  For An Upset Stomach

Clinical studies show that supplementing the diet with ginger may help maintain a calm stomach.

Stomach Soothing Complex* is a powerful herbal blend that for centuries has calmed upset stomachs, including discomfort caused by motion sickness.

It makes the “not quite right” stomach calm again.*

Who Needs This Product? 

Anyone who wants a natural way to calm a upset stomach caused by acid reflux and motion sickness (seasickness)

What Shaklee’s Has Done For Others…

My son, Caleb has been having some stomach problems,

We stared him using Optiflora as a regular to his supplements as well as Stomach Soothing Complex.

The Optiflora seems to have taken care of the pain and loose bowel problem.

The Stomach Soothing Complex has done great things to calm his stomach down and reduce the gas problem he has been having.

He takes one Stomach Soothing Tablet before each meal.

The Pepcid was recommended by his doctor, but I read the list of things that product can cause.

I wanted a safe product and that is what Shaklee offered me.   Heather Weiland

Shaklee’s Stomach Soothing Complex Ingredients and Benefits:

• Unique four-herb formulation
• Provides peppermint and ginger, herbs used traditionally over many centuries for their stomach soothing effects,* as well as fennel and anise
• Great for travelers who get queasy stomachs in a car, boat, or airplane, or other motion sickness and it’s accompanying queasiness

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