Strengthen Immune System With NutriFeron

Immune Support With Shaklee’s NutriFeron

Strengthen Immune System With NutriFeron

Actual Photo of T Cell Killing Cancer Cell

Having a healthy and strong immune system is vital these days with all the super bugs like swine flu, hepatitis C, and all the bacteria you come in contact with everyday.

Antibiotics can only help once in a while to much use can weaken your immune system.

Bacteria can develop resistant to these powerful and toxic drugs.

What’s the answer so you can boost immune system and fight the super bugs and everything else that comes to you.

Exercise is important and eating a balanced diet also.

Who Discovered Interferon

Over 50 years ago Dr. Yosuhiko Kojima discovered interferon and he was honored for this.

Interferon is naturally produced inside your body.

It becomes active when your cells are attacked by microbes, viruses, cancer cells, bacteria, ect.

The two main functions of interferon are.

1. It signals other cells to get ready to fight the invader and triggers resistance mechanisms.

2. It activates the other soldier immune cells that can kill foreign invaders that can lead to serious sickness and disease.

To have plenty of interferon inside our bodies means having a strong immune system, to help heal ourselves naturally seams so much better than being on six or more drugs as we age.

Drugs vs Natural 

The drug doctors use to kill cancer cells is a synthetic interferon.

And the problem with this drug is your body has no control over it and it kills every healthy  and unhealthy cells.

It’s like calling the fire department to put out your barbecue and they put water in every inch of your house when all they needed to do is pour a little water on your fire.

How awesome would it be to have the natural interferon in your body increase your immune system to it’s maximum level killing off caner cells or other types of disease causing bacteria.

The bacteria and other disease causing bacteria never build up and immunity to natural compounds.

Dr. Kojima spent 40 years researching and developing a four herb extracts to help your body increase it’s interferon levels.

It’s intended for everyday use.

Shaklee corporation has world-wide exclusive rights to this amazing product.

Just Some Of The Amazing Testimonials Using NutriFeron

NutriFeron helped this woman’s husband, he developed Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion his  liver enzymes droped from  800 to 34.

Vicki Calcutt always got colds and they always lasted two weeks or more.

After starting on NutriFeron she couldn’t believe how her health has improved, instead of 3 to 5 colds a year now she just gets a scratchy throat and it goes away.

NutriFeron And Shingles

Betty writes that she was prescribed steroids.

She decided not to take them someone gave her NutriFeron so she doubled the dose and took more of the Shaklee products also.

In less than one month the rash was gone and the itching and hurting was also gone. Betty.

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