Vitamin D3 From Shaklee

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Vitamin D3 Benefits

Vitamin D3 From Shaklee

Vitamin D3 the sunshine vitamin or as it has been called, has been in the news now for a few years now.

Research being done suggest that even people in sunny California don’t always get enough Vitamin D from the sun.

Vitamin D3 is a vitamin which encourages the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.

And levels of Vitamin D3 thought to be beneficial are to low.

You could go to your doctor and get a prescription of a 50,000 unit of Vitamin D.

The only problem with the Vitamin D your doctor prescribes in not the best kind or quality of Vitamin D.

Synthetic D does not work as well as a natural form of Vitamin D3.

What Is Vitamin D3

This essential nutrient has been shown in recent studies to:

1. Help support healthy heart function.

2. Help promote immune health.

3. Facilitate healthy cell development.

4. Aid in calcium absorption for maintaining strong bones and teeth.

This is a testimonial of one man’s experience on the effectiveness of Shaklee’s Vita-D3

Meanwhile, when I went for my annual physical and blood work in June 2010,

my Vitamin D level also showed up low.

It was at 20, so I too was in the Intermediate Risk Range.

Dr. Rich suggested the Vitamin D prescription for me also,

but I told him that I would rather try a different approach.

I then started on Shaklee’s Vitamin D supplement.

I began to add one 1000 IU Shaklee Vita-D to my normal daily Vita-Lea (2).

Thus I was getting 12,600 IU of Vitamin D a week from my Shaklee supplements compared to my wife’s 50,000 IU in a prescription capsule.

I too was faithful in taking my supplements daily until my annual physical and blood work in 2011.

I had that blood work completed in June, one year after the previous blood work.

I was happy to find that my Vitamin D level had rose from 20 to 31.

So my Shaklee supplements had basically the same results for me as the prescription had for my wife, but with a substantially less intake of Vitamin D. 

You can boost your levels of Vitamin D with Shaklee’s Vita-D3

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