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Sustained Release VitalMag has Gel-diffusion delivery system for easy digestion.

Who Needs This Product?Sustained Release VitalMag By Shaklee

Anyone who wants a steady heart beat, retain normal blood pressure, Helps retain normal blood-sugar levels, help some with PMS symptoms, water retention, breast tenderness, and bloating.

What Shaklee Sustained Release VitalMag Has Done For Others…

I’ve been battling high blood pressure for at least 20 years.

Even with my prescriptions, it’s been hard to regulate. I tried vitalmag and was able to see a difference before I finished the bottle.  My bp has gone down several points!

Easy On Your Digestive System. Kay Ferguson

The gel-diffusion system is designed to prevent gastrointestinal upset commonly associated with magnesium supplements by slowly releasing nutrients over four to six hours.

Magnesium is an integral component in your body’s energy production and storage.

VitalMag’s proprietary blend includes three sources of elemental magnesium, added potassium for proper nerve transmission, normal muscle contraction, and heart health, plus boron to aid in bone metabolism and magnesium utilization.*

VitalMag Ingredients and Benefits

  • Helps retain normal blood pressure and a steady heartbeat*
  • Helps retain normal blood sugar levels*
  • May provide relief from PMS symptoms including water retention, breast tenderness, and bloating*
  • Sustained release delivery system for easy digestion

Lost your Shaklee Distributor?

Place an order for Sustained Release VitalMag click here right now. 

Or Call Allen for more info @ 1-909-519-9311

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  1. Reply arti Sep 30,2015 3:36 am

    Can I take the vitalMag along with my vitamin suppliment and my stress tabs by shaklee? It it safe?

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