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For Mental Clarity

Mental Acuity Plus® is a Shaklee exclusive formula that contains ginkgo, bilberry, hawthorn, and B vitamins to promote mental focus, concentration, decision making and memory.

It also lowers homocysteine levels for cardiovascular health and helps maintain normal metabolic activity in the brain.*

Who Needs This Product?

Anyone who wants mental clarity, better circulation throughout the body mainly the brain where there are tiny capillaries and it helps with free radical damage, homocysteine levels and for improved cardio health.

What Shaklee’s Mental Acuity Plus Has Done For Others…

I had been having trouble controlling Dayna’s asthma lately. I had read the above e-mail regarding the ginkgo and asthma and decided to order the Acuity Plus. Well, the day I got it I gave her one tablet. That evening I  couldn’t believe the difference! She still had a bit of a wheeze so the next day I increased to two. It’s like a miracle!!! I had tried increasing all supplements but she continued to have a problem at night. It also mentioned the benefit of magnesium for asthma so I have now started her on the Calcium Magnesium. It’s so wonderful to sleep at night and not be worrying about her breathing!
Chris Sweers 

What Shaklee’s Mental Acuity Plus Can Do For You:

It therefore helps improve mental acuity by improving your circulation—and through that, the blood flow to the brain. Mental Acuity Plus also contains Ginkgo Biloba, an herb with powerful antioxidant properties that can protect blood vessel walls from free radical damage and it also helps to decrease elevated homocysteine levels for improved cardio health. Mental Acuity Plus® 

Shaklee’s Mental Acuity Plus Ingredients:

  • Contains a standardized extract of Ginkgo biloba leaf (24% flavone glycosides, 6% terpene lactones), Bilberry, Hawthorn, and B vitamins
  • Enhances memory and decision making*
  • Lowers homocysteine levels for cardiovascular health*


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