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Who Needs This Product?

People who like to work out, anyone with a demanding job that causes pain in their body.

Discover natural relief for discomfort caused by overexertion.

Patented Pain Relief Complex features a blend of clinically proven boswellia and safflower extracts.

Provides help for overworked joints, often within weeks of continued use.* Safe, natural, and easy on the stomach.

What Shaklee’s Pain Relief Complex Has Done For Others… 

In 1991, I suffered a painful lateral neck whiplash from an auto accident.

That’s when I discovered I can’t handle pain relief drugs, whether over the counter or prescription.

Instead of relieving neck pain, they caused other problems, like extreme stomach pain, dizziness, sleeplessness and generally made my life miserable.

Nine years later, I was diagnosed with neck arthritis.
To stop pain, I tried various natural pain relief treatment methods, including chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, magnetic therapy, aromatherapy, copper bracelets, massage therapy, a chiropractic cot, and more, with no long-term success.

My husband, Mike, has participated in athletics all of his life.

He has injured both knees, has osteoarthritis in both, and underwent arthroscopic meniscus surgery on his left knee in 1999. Even years after the surgery,

I have seen his knees so swollen he could barely get his jeans on.

His knees were so stiff he had to lift his left leg into the car with his hands to get into the car to drive.

Through Shaklee’s Trio of Pain Relief Products, Pain Relief Complex, Joint Health and Shaklee’s Joint and Muscle Pain Cream, he controls pain and is back to playing tennis four times a week without swelling or stiffness.  Marty and Mike Saffell

Pain Relief Complex* is a patent-pending blend of natural plant extracts that provides relief, often within just a few weeks:

• Relieves discomfort from overexertion*
• Promotes flexibility and comfortable movement after exercise*
• Ideal for those whose work puts stress on joints
• Good for “weekend warriors” who don’t work out regularly
• Easy-open, flip-top cap

Shaklee’s Pain Relief Complex Ingredients:

Pain Relief Complex features a blend of clinically proven boswellia and safflower extracts.

Try All Three Shaklee’s Pain and Joint Health Products Better Together


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