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Who Needs This Product?

Anyone who wants to improve their heart health,  joint and brain health.

Omega Guard™ delivers a full spectrum of ultra-pure, pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy heart, joint and brain function*.

It is made with a proprietary multistep molecular distillation process for the utmost purity and potency of omega-3s fatty acids, including EPA and DHA.

What Shaklee’s Omega Guard Has Done For Others…

Fish oil is one of the most effective in reducing triglycerides and increasing the good cholesterol or HDL.
We know that omega 3 helps with inflammation….and that inflammation is often the first sign of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease.
Many studies have shown that consuming fish such as salmon and supplementing with omega 3 reduces incidence of heart arrhythmia as well as chest pain or angina.
With  fish oil you want to make sure you are taking one that is pure and has been distilled of all the heavy metals and impurities.
Shaklee’s Omega Guard  has been triple distilled to insure its purity along with its potency.
As it was explained to me once, the distillation process that  is used for the Omega guard is such that it could detect a grain of salt in a Olympic swimming pool full of water. That’s strong….
My mother in-law started taking Shaklee’ Omega Guard and in one month her triglyceride levels dropped from 300 to 100.  Allen Partch

Shaklee’s Omega Guard Ingredients and Benefits:

Ultra Pure, Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

  • Made with a proprietary multistep molecular distillation process for the utmost purity and potency
  • Contains all seven omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA and DHA, which studies show help :
    • Reduce the risk of heart disease
    • Retain healthy triglyceride levels*
    • Maintain normal blood pressure*
    • Support brain, eye, and joint health*
  • Contains natural fish oil derived from small cold-water fish
  • Delivers more EPA and DHA than selected brands
  • No cholesterol
  • Smaller size for easier swallowing
  • Gluten free

† Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA fatty acids may reduce the risk of heart disease. See nutrition information for total fat and saturated fat content.

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